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Vocalpoint Foundations is a two-year program designed to prepare young singers for Vocalpoint! Seattle, a high school vocal ensemble specializing in rock, pop, soul, and jazz music. Tailored for motivated students with musical aptitude, the program provides a solid foundation of vocal training, instruction in music reading, and guidance in stage performance.

Auditions are open to young women entering 7th and 8th grade in fall 2024, and take place by appointment in 15-minute slots on June 7 and 8. Singers should prepare a song from any genre that showcases their strengths as a singer: range, pitch accuracy, agility, and emotional connection. Singers will also be tested on their ability to hear and sing back pitches. Some singers will be invited to a callback audition on June 18, and will be taught some music fundamentals and observed in a group setting.

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 10th, in the University District.

Vocalpoint Foundations rehearses on Tuesdays from 6:30 – 9:00pm.

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“Having been involved with music performance and education for many years, I have never come across a music educational system for children such as this. Our family is very grateful and impressed with the professional, high-caliber staff. I must add that being involved with Vocalpoint is just plain fun, too!

Vocalpoint Parent

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More About Vocalpoint Foundations


During the two-year course, Vocalpoint Foundations participates in two recitals annually and joins in our December tradition of A Festival of Lessons & Carols performances. In 2025, Foundations members are required to attend a week-long summer camp in August.


After the two-year program, graduates transitioning to Vocalpoint! Seattle can anticipate participating in two annual shows (totaling 12 performances), our yearly Gala fundraiser, a week-long summer camp, and the December Lessons & Carols concerts. Additionally, Vocalpoint! Seattle occasionally receives invitations for extra performances throughout the year.